How to enable Azure Cost Management (ACM) in PRISM

How to enable Azure Cost Management (ACM) in PRISM

Azure Cost Management (ACM) allows partners to analyse the usage, expenses, and predict future expenses. This feature in the PRISM portal enables partners to manage billing access to costs and proactively apply data analysis to their costs in Microsoft Partner Centre.  The Azure Cost management is limited to subscriptions under the Azure plan.

  1. Within PRISM, navigate to the Microsoft CSP program tile under the Programs tab.

  2. Navigate to the Manage Existing Tenants tile

  3. Select the tenant by selecting Manage, where the Azure cost management is to be enabled.

  4. To enable Azure Cost Management, navigate to the tenant and select Manage next to the subscription.

  5. Click the button under the Azure Cost Management section then click on Updateon the popup box 'Toggle Azure Cost Management for this subscription' click OK to continue.

  6. Azure Cost Management will be successfully enabled for the subscription. 

Once the Azure Cost Management is enabled, it will only provide data in the Microsoft partner centre from the point the cost management is enabled in PRISM and it will not show the historical data.

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